Sportz SUV Tent

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Jun 25, 2012
Redondo Beach, CA
I picked up a Sportz SUV Tent for my Land Cruiser this weekend. Pretty easy to set up except for getting the rain fly over to the top. This tent is tall.


The Land Cruiser Lodge now open.

I have the same one. They seem well made, good space. I havent seamed sealed mine and it leaks in the rain some, and yes that rain fly is a pain to get over, but otherwise setup is fine.
Good to know on the seams. It does mention that in the owners manual. I will have to spray some waterproofing on them.
been wondering what happens to the roof water when it rains, doesn't that get in the tent especially if the truck is not set with a favorable tilt?
We've got a tailgate tent (CRS acting up, can't remember brand name, but the familiar blue one that's just over $100). The tailgate upper hatch sits just high enough that water drains off the part of the fly that goes the top. It has a couple of bungees that I hook to the wheels to keep things taut. I'd guess this one is about the same. Ours is on an 80, but the pic makes it look like the 100's hatch sits about the same height.
Report from the field on the tent. Pretty easy to set up except for the rain fly.

Set up for the night.


A room with a view.


My wife second guessing my decision not to put on the rain fly. She was right.

Awesome pics:clap:

Someplace Californiaish?

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