Spindle torque?

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Sep 9, 2003
i need to know what to torque the spindle bolts to for a 71 fj40, the FSM doesnt say. thanx
John Smith said:
My FSM shows 29 - 39 ft-lb page 6-16 fig 6-47 Pub# 98154

That is NOT correct!

Your FSM will have a bolt torque for a 10mmx1.25 bolt....which is what was used on the 08/75 and later front spindles....

The bolts on the drum brake spindle are 8mmx1.25, and will twist off at anything much over 25 foot-pounds...

It will be called out in the rear of the manual, if it is not printed in the section where the work is being detailed....

Did it mention the saftey wire? ;)
Poser - thanks for cross referencing this thread - odd it went up same time I was looking.

John - only reason I am posting is to say that your avator is fawking awesome :D .

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