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Jul 17, 2010
between galveston and houston texas
just a heads up radioshack has clarion srg 1621r 6.5 inch speakers on sale 25.99 internet only sale ship to store and save on shipping they have a monting depth of 1" and 3/4s so i think they will work i ordered 2 sets today came to 56 dollars with tax on sale till the 30th:beer:
ordered 2 pair. Has anyone got these in yet? lets see some pics! what do they sound like?

they sounded like a good deal to me...
here is what they look like but don't have any personal experience with these yet.

i got my order in last night all looks good . Took out one rear door speaker to check fit it seemed to fit with no cutting just removed the plastic bucket and it fit in the stock location just need to get some drill bits and install.

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