Spare 3rds

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Feb 21, 2010
Chilliwack, BC
Hey I posted this in the classifieds but figured I'd get better response here locally, Thanks to Dan I now have 4.11s! And don't need these 3.7 3rds kickin around the garage. If someone wants them they're welcome to come get them for a case of beer or somethin.
The front one is in good shape, the rear needs a pinion bearing but other than that the gears and everything look fine.
Thanks! :beer:
Hey no worries glad I could help :)
Hope you put the front in the back ;)
Hey no worries glad I could help :)
Hope you put the front in the back ;)

Yup! I did put the front in the back, they're great!

If anybody wants them they can just come and have them, I don't really know what to do with them and don't want to take them to the dump. Any ideas?
If they're in OK shape, perhaps EBI might take them, certainly better then the dump
Well, I have been considering 3.7's for a future phase of my 40 project. So if nobody wants the pair I could probably stop by on the weekend. Really just the front one I'd want though if that's ok (I have another good one from my BJ60 parts truck).
Thanks for the suggestion Granite Grinder, I'll see if he wants the rear one.
And I sent you a pm BC40

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