Source for master switch parts?

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Feb 4, 2005
Anyone know a good source for small parts for a master window switch? All I can find online are places to buy the whole assembly...

I lost the little spring for the window lock mechanism. Luckily I found the rest of the pieces - the messy garage is NOT the right place for this job... Find a well lighted clean workspace if you try this at home.

Did you already try They have a parts request form where you can ask for ANYTHING and they usually will give you a price with shipping.

Thanks for the tip, I just filled out a parts request form.

Looking around a bit, the Camry and 4Runner master switches look like they have a similar switch setup. Maybe I can find one of those locally (and inexpensive?) to see if the parts interchange. I should have paid better attention to that spring...
I got the parts request reply from cruiserparts, but found out that a local yard had a bunch of Camrys... So, I went and grabbed one for $15 cash just to use for the spring part, but it looked so similar I did a little more investigating, and believe it or not, it is plug and play on the cruiser.

Good cheap fix if your $$$$ land cruiser master switch goes bad...


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