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Jun 9, 2008
Augusta Maine
I am from Maine and was originally born in Lancaster, PA. Looking like I am getting a job down in PA and making the move there. Probably back to the Lancaster area since I have family there. I have a 94 FZJ80. I got rid of the 35s for 37s soon. Just sold my arb to get a tube bumper. Work in progress as always. Hope to meet some on you soon. Here's some recent winter wheeling pics. Now I have to learn lift laws for PA. Thanks
I am going to be working on the drill rigs out your way.
Good to know, maine your only allowed like 2 inches over tire size which is not anything on an 80. Luckily the 80 swallows tires so I never had issues with 35s. How active of a club are you guys? I have been part of Yankee toys but not to active with them since most of the activities are hours away. I am probably going to be living in Lancaster area which isnt near western pa but good chance I will be over that way often.
29" bumper height maximum is the only law ive had trouble with ($140 fine)......since my front bumper is 41".......and the lack of mud flaps has gotten me a warning......and they dont like tires that stick out of the fenders.....then there was that time i ran it with just an open
Well I will be making better money so have been thinking of making my 80 for offroad only but not sure, I love driving around in it to much to only drive it once in awhile.
do you have factory lockers?

i REALLY want to find a FZJ80 with factory lockers,mild lift,33-35's,winch bumper,tan,with tan leather,working AC,low miles and a low price tag......its in my future....hopefully lol
I do have the factory lockers, the rig as it sits has stock tires, no bumpers, 850 J front springs, 863 rear springs, pro comp shocks all around, lots of pm work done, trail gear sliders. Soon as I get time getting tube bumpers done and 37s. I leave for PA Monday, orientation for job Tuesday and the next two weeks will be on the rig. After that I am going to crash at relatives place in Millersville while I look for a place.

Once I get settled I am getting the tires and such. Been thinking of getting some military 37s with some re centered humvee bead locks but have not made up my mind. So if anyone has any southeastern fab guys let me know.
So this got postponed but now looks like its happening. Anybody know of any houses for rent in western pa? I'm looking around when I get off work Tuesday for a couple days. Any recomemdations on where to live?
There are places to fit every budget no matter if you pick north, south, east, or west of the city. Best bet is to pick an area close to your work. You don't want to have to travel from one side of the city to another every day. The traffic around the tunnels really sucks. Where will you be working? People should be able to provide some good areas from there.
There are guys on here from all corners of the city. Let us know where you will be working, and we'll get you pointed in the right direction. Like ^ said, you don't want to be driving across town on a daily basis!

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I work on drilling rig in ohio so I don't commute everyday. I don't want to be in city more of country boy.
well its official, im moving to PA, halifax to be exact. I will be there by this time next week.

Heres a video of me getting stuck utterly and completely yesterday just for entertainment.

MOV01673 - YouTube

heres same spot few months ago

MOV01437 - YouTube
I was shooting for western Pa but found place I liked elsewhere so it is what it is.
How far from Rausch?
Does it have a pool?
If it doesn't will you install one? LOL

Good luck with the move and keep in touch.
I will keep in touch and I'm bout 30mins from rausch. I'll whip out the kiddy pool for u Bob.
julstirn said:
I will keep in touch and I'm bout 30mins from rausch. I'll whip out the kiddy pool for u Bob.

Fill it with ice and beer and I'll jump in!

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