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Nov 2, 2004
Hamburg, AR
Just heard this one on the radio and it fits me too well:

"I ain't to old to cut the mustard but I'm too tired to spread it around.":lol:
LOL! That made my day Daryl. As much as this bunch likes music we should have at least one a day.
Lee Brice: "Don't outsmart your common sense" from Love Like Crazy
Did ya'll know they made a song about the CLC snake farm? Somebody qoute that song!
"LA face with an Oakland booty" - Sir Mix A Lot
"LA face with an Oakland booty" - Sir Mix A Lot

my anaconda don't want none if you aint got buns, hon..

it be relay rap
"Given that true intellectual and emotional compatability are, at the very least, difficult if not impossible to come by, we could always opt for the more temporal gratification of sheer physical attraction. That wouldn't make you a shallow person would it?" - Lyle Lovett :lol:
There's only two things that money can't buy. That's true love and homegrown tomatoes.--Guy Clark
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Good drinkin' lyric from the Lost Immigrants:

"Tonight I'll be searchin' for a way to lose my mind"

Love this thread!
I knew that topless lady had something up her sleeve--John Prine
"Jack Daniels if you please.
Knock me to my knees"

David Allen Coe

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