some big ticket items for xmas you guys might be interested in.

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Jun 3, 2015
Little Rock
98 FJ100 V8, 2uz fe, used with new timing belt. the motor was running till the belt failed and the owner wanted to replace it...i got a JDM motor for the owner and we had to swap the oil pans between the two, so this motor has the funky dual sump pan on it. i replaced the belt, put a better starter on it, inspected the injectors and replaced some of the timing components as well 800
Full Float/Front ARB Air Locker Assembly, FJ40/60/62/55, at cost, 795
Full Softtop FJ40 with doors, iirc its a best top...500
NV4500 with Toyota TCase adapter, with just shy of 15k miles, has dodge 4bt bellhousing but Toyota tcase output for '77, could retrofit a new bellhousing for whatever. 1500, the owner went with a Getrag six speed so we've had this tucked away for years now.
FJ60 Dobinson suspension system, complete setup, used 300

figured these might help someone out and i need the room for redoing the inside of my place. i

if you guys think you might need something jsut list it and i can let you know if i have something to help you guys finish a project...if you would like pictures of my items i can do that.
within the next few weeks im going to be putting like 4000 items on ebay at much lower prices jsut to reduce the inventory out here and help people get into parts without having to pay SOR prices.
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OK, thank you. I was hoping it was a post 98 unit with the updates top cover. I have a 94 that I am swapping into my 80 Series with a 6BT. I don't gain anything with the one you have, but I do thank you for your time. I may have a buddy in Conway that would be interested in it, I will let you know ASAP.

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