Soft Top Fasteners

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Dusty 66

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Jan 25, 2006
Just ordered one of Ehsan soft top,s Need help on location of twist fastners on a 1966 tub . My tub was an original soft top but had a best top when I got it so it had :censor: holes drilled everyware :confused: so I welded up all the holes. I need nunmber and dimenions from post back and numbers of fastners also along tail gate I have a fold down type with six foot man loops ,also need dimension for the two or three foot man loops that went on the rear outside cornors Help THANKS JC :grinpimp:
If I were you, I'd wait until I had the top and then drill accordingly. The tops are one-offs, made by hand. While the placement of fasteners will be close, there is no guarantee that each top will fit exactly the same and have fasteners in exactly the same spots.
I would like to paint my tub first before the top gits here just finnished up with POR and gitting ready for primer I thought I like to drill holes then paint just hate drill holes through a fresh body then have rust bleed around the fastners.
Personally, I'd paint the truck and wait to drill the holes. Anytime I drill, I brush Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator on the bare metal. Don't slop it on, just apply it with a small brush to the exposed metal and let it dry before installation of the part. It will usually be covered by what I am installing, so it won't be seen afterwards. Just my opinion, though.
Spotcruiser Thats a great tip I just receved my first Eastwood' catalog yea meybe I'll wait and do that. OK Gives me more time to figure # twist locks Ground up's 73 soft top looked like four per side but I thought more were used ? do not know about the fold down tail gate my thinking is 5 or 6 ?
This thread might answer your question...or make more questions...

Don't know whether it's stock or not, but I think this works: 5 twist locks per side (10 total), three footman loops each rear corner plus four on the tailgate. There are pictures of Eshan tops and also some pictures/diagrams of oem toyota for comparison.

There's another thread I can't find right now. Maybe they could get added to the FAQ!? I keep forgetting and end up digging around for them.

I have one of Ehsan's tops. I can tell you how many twistlocks you need, but I still wouldn't drill them until you have the top installed so that you can drill them exactly on the money.
i had the oem holes so i put the fasteners in them and matched the top. i use silicone when i put them in.
Thank's ALL i'll take some advice sounds like experince talking . I am not a compleate OEM FREAK I like the look of the FJ soft top's I also want it to look good and function well if it needs more twist locks so be it. I do know 66 did not have any foot man loops on the rear outside cornors of the tub. :confused: I thought the older fj40 used more fastners, this is my first soft top out of three 40 I have owned and the first resto project learning as I go ......:cheers:

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