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Aug 14, 2006
Oceanside and Encinitas, CA
I’m cleaning out the garage and getting rid of all stuff I no longer need for my current stable of trucks.

Please be sure to Post that you are PMing and what you are asking about… I will go by replies to the post for dibs and not PMs. I just want to make sure I give first stab to the right people.

I have the following 60 series seat belts.
- 3x front three point, one with the wiring for the belt warning alarm
- 3x rear sides lap belts
- 2x rear center belts. one with the non-usa 'centre' label.
- 1x rear center belt receiver

I know I need a price but don't know what to ask... I know these are hard to find in good shape. No fraying or wear on any of the belts. Lets say $40 a set (each) for the front and $25 a set (each) for the rears. $35 for the center rears. Buyer pays shipping.

2020-09-19 11.31.50.jpg

2020-09-19 11.31.56.jpg

2020-09-19 11.32.00.jpg

2020-09-19 11.32.03.jpg
Apr 16, 2017
Montréal, Canada
Interested in 1 set for the front (probably with the wiring, have to check if I need it) and 1 for the rear sides, shipped to H2V 4G9 Canada, please. I'll send you a pm later tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks!

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