Snake Oil

Sep 9, 2004
Hills of Tennessee
Ok guys let the debates begin. (Seafoam in Syn Oil)

I have a 1996 80 series with approx 163K miles on it. It has always run well and has a strong motor. But ever since I purchased it with 130K, there has always been a little variation in the rpms at idle. It will move from about 600-800 rpms at idle. Sometimes less. Since approx. 145K I have been putting in Mobile 1 Syn. in the crankcase. Sometimes between oil changes I lose for whatever reason a half of quart of oil. Burn leak whatever.
So recently I was checking and noticed I was about a half of quart low at 5K, so I put in the snake oil (Seafoam) to top things off. Within a couple of days I started noticing my rpm guage, and the needle stayed at 600 rpms at a constant. Since this time I have run a couple of tanks of gas thru the 80 and still have the same results. So no it is not good/bad gas.

Why does my truck idle better than ever?


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