Snake Oil

Sep 9, 2004
Hills of Tennessee
Ok guys let the debates begin. (Seafoam in Syn Oil)

I have a 1996 80 series with approx 163K miles on it. It has always run well and has a strong motor. But ever since I purchased it with 130K, there has always been a little variation in the rpms at idle. It will move from about 600-800 rpms at idle. Sometimes less. Since approx. 145K I have been putting in Mobile 1 Syn. in the crankcase. Sometimes between oil changes I lose for whatever reason a half of quart of oil. Burn leak whatever.
So recently I was checking and noticed I was about a half of quart low at 5K, so I put in the snake oil (Seafoam) to top things off. Within a couple of days I started noticing my rpm guage, and the needle stayed at 600 rpms at a constant. Since this time I have run a couple of tanks of gas thru the 80 and still have the same results. So no it is not good/bad gas.

Why does my truck idle better than ever?

Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
maybe what was wrong with your rig is just what seafoam is made to fix.... consider yourself lucky on that one

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