Small Wrenchfest at my place April 12, 2008

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Dec 19, 2003
Marysville, PA
On April 12, 2008, one of my Tacoma buddies will be coming up to my place to swap out his 4.10 gears for my old 4.88's. We will most likely just swap out the rear axle, since it will be easier and faster as well as the front. After that we are hopefully going to install my body lift and BudBuilt setup. Hopefully with everything done, we can hit the trails the following weekend for shakedown runs at Rausch.

Anyone is more than welcome to swing by and chat or lend a hand, pizza and beer as usual. It's only small since there really isn't that much work to do, but everyone is welcome.
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Yep, Marysville, just outside of Harrisburg. I figure start around 9:00 am or so, but I'll probably be out in the shop around 7:30-8:00
Molly says I can come. Count me in. and get your Co2 filled or give me your optima so my truck starts when were finished! It started slooow last time when we striped the taco.
Anyone is more than welcome to swing by if they want.

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