SM420/adapter/J30 for sale Bay Area


Nov 12, 2003
SF Bay Area, CA
i've got an SM420 and cruiser xfer case (J30) that I'm selling. Its in my truck right now, will be pulling it out in a couple weeks or so. Comes with cast-iron bellhousing for chevy small block. comes with stick bent for FJ40 and transfercase linkage if you need it. does not come with output flanges (use yours). SM420 shifts nice, has never popped out of gear, synchros are tight. J30 has new idler shaft and gear... however it has some gear whine (due to the new gear mixing with the old gears). They all whine a little I think. Plate adapter is not the square one, but I don't think it's Spaceghost's either...

located in Palo Alto, CA. No shipping! no way no how. But I might be able to get it out to the valley if need be.

asking $400 obo

NOTE: if you have a late model heater (1974-1979?), I can also trade heaters as mine fits with this set-up nicely (modified defrost door that still works, but clears stick)
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