Slight Engine Knock/Valve Tap

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May 31, 2012
Is it normal to have some valve tap on these engines? I only notice it after I've been on the highway for a while. It's not present on short trips around town.

I seem to remember comments about this, but just want to verify. Next week it's road trip time.

In other news: In the several weeks I've had it, I've replaced belts, the f*cking PHH and several other hoses, had both axles rebuilt, replaced a birfield joint, installed a lift, replaced several pieces of trim, got new tires, about to put on a bumper. Just yesterday I put plates on it. I want to enjoy this vehicle. Trust is still building.
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Actually I should correct the headline. There's no engine knock. It's just the valve tap sound I hear. At least that's what I think I'm hearing.
I also hear this in my 96. But only when it is first running. After driving around for a few minutes no more noise. It's not particularly loud either. Sounds similar to your question.

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