Slee 4" springs ???

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Oct 20, 2007
Sylva, NC
Had a question about the slee 4" springs, yesterday I stepped up to Slee 4" springs in front and OME J's in rear and still have pretty bad stinkbug. Previously had OME 851's w/ 2" metal tech spacers up front and 863's in rear (little less stinkbug than now) (Flareless)
Center of hub to fender measurements are 25" in rear and 23.5 in front. I have ARB bumper and warn 8274 winch in front, sliders, and homeade rear bumper and rear storage drawers w/tools. Just wondering if this sounds about right.
The J's are giving you almost 5 inches of lift and only 4 in the front plus the weight of the front you are losing lift in the front
You will need spacers or put slees 4 inch springs in the rear as well
I took the winch off just to see how much it would raise it and it came up about an inch. On a good note I like how the Slee springs ride compared to my other setup.
I have Slee 4in springs at all 4 corners and mine is stink bugged a little. But he said it was going to be like that until I add a rear bumper (which I am). So even loaded down it is still a lot higher in the rear? Any pics of it?

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