Simple sub install kinda gheto

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Mar 19, 2006
So I recently picked up an Infinity Basslink sub, and thought I would start the install today. I pulled the instrument panel and then the head unit, only to find both sets of pre amp outs were running to the factory amp plug. I considered just splitting the front outs to two but I would lose the ability to fade front and rear. I put everything back together then I got the idea to check the factory sub I didn't even know it was still working,,, you could barely hear it. I pulled the panel and started checking wires. I found that the wires going in are left and right, there is also a 12v. I took left + and the - and connected to the basslinks high level in then connected 12v (this is the gheto part) and jumped the connection to the remote wire grounded to a nearby bolt put the panel back on and proceeded to listen to all my songs at a very high level with a much improved bass note most teenagers would envy. For the hour it took from start to finish a very easy install I will eventually run a constant 12 from the battery with a fuse so as to avoid the pop when I turn off the stereo, I will post some pics later when it stops raining. oh yeah did I mention I did all this without leaving the vehicle, It even snowed a little while I was in there.
where you planning on mounting this thing? i have the the same basslink sub, that i plan on nstalling when i get my rear storage figured out. does it sound alright? i dont care about earth shaking bass, just a better all around sound. i had thought also about using the speaker wires for the factory sub. i guess it depends on when i can get everything replaced. thanks, and post up some pics.
right now it is far back corner behind third row on passenger side this sub has unbeliveable sound for what it is. Not earthshaking, but plenty of bass. heading to work now, pics later
Found a problem with my simple sub install, when the passenger seat is adjusted(power seat) the sub pops, I figured I would get some noise from not having the power wired properly, but at least the sub is in and running until I can complete the job.

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