Side view mirror glass

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Jan 7, 2004
Hi All,

My sideview mirror met with the end of a 2x4 that was being unloaded from the roof rack. It now has a great great spider's web design to it but not much good for seeing things.

Can just the glass part of the assembly be replaced or do I have to buy the whole moter and glass as one piece?

Seconding this question - bro in law's right outside mirror (white) got whacked by something and is also broken.
We used to get just the mirror, and using a heat gun, put the new 1 in the plastic frame/holder/backing. Its a PITA! And for that price it should come in the frame!
At 1 place I worked at, we had a sample (L and R are a mirror of each other - obviously), and just got a new 1 cut at a glass shop when we needed 1. It is an odd thickness, tho, IIRC.
If you can, get 1 2nd hand - in the plastic frame, from someone who doesnt know what there worth.
<That was many years ago tho - things may have changed.>
Hope that helps.

You can get just the mirror. I am about to order one becuase one of the plastic screws on the back of mine is stripped and it won't adjust up and down. So, I believe when you order the mirror you get the glass with the plastic adjsutment screws on the back. Here is the part numbers and price:

RH: 87917-60180 ($30.31 ea)
LH: 87947-60070 ($30.18 ea)

The quoted prices are from, where you can also order the parts.

These are for a US spec LHD 80. I hope this helps.

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