Side mirror blues

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May 24, 2019
2013 GX460 Both driver/pax mirror are like this. Went through carwash, drove to store. When I went into the store, they looked fine. When I came out they were like this. Anyone else experienced this? Where should I start t-shoot? Fuses & ODB, then? Heat element was not in use. The glass portion still respond to directional controls and the mirrors also fold inwards. I see no cracks, dings or any other broken bits. I last used the mirror heating element about 3 days ago, with no issue. Also, the dimming portion worked fine last night.

My google-fu and some replies from other forums suggest the dimmers were destroyed by the carwash. I guess that is what I get for being lazy...
I had a local Toyota/Lexus shop check to make sure power/ground was still good to mirrors. I asked what they though might cause the issue and service writers said, IDK. Powers good though. Also, we need $1900 per mirror assembly to replace. They won't install just the glass; too difficult. I am perplxed by this. I replaced the side-mirror on a Subaru when it got cracked and although not easy, it wasn't hard. Is is possible the shop is just being overly cautious? Not wanting blow back for installing the mirror and it cracking?...ARGHH!!..
Here are PNs for the mirror

[Mirror Glass - sides]
[2014-2020 Left w/BSM/Dimming] - 87961-60P80
[2014-2020 Right w/BSM/Dimming] - 87931-60P80

[2010-2019 Left w/Dimming] - 87961-60B90
[2010-2019 Left w/Dimming] - 87931-60B90

[2010-2020 basic left] - 87961-60E20
[2010-2020 basic right] - 87931-60E20
At that cost, and that it occurred at a car wash, it might be worth filing an insurance claim (as it is damage caused to your vehicle rather than a defective part). Your insurance might then try to recover costs from the carwash - but it that would be their problem and not yours.

Another option is to see if you can find a salvage yard mirror for a GX with the same body color, then have that installed. It is probably significantly cheaper.

Lastly, the "cheapest" option would be to have a glass shop cut you two pieces of automotive mirror glass to the same dimensions and then DIY-epoxy them over the top of the existing mirror. You'd lose the dimmer features, but keep the heater feature (albeit not working as well), and it might not be that noticeable.
The mirror just pops off

Dang y'all are awesome! I was providing and update for future searches and also screaming into the void. I did not expect PN's and advice about filing a claim. Thanks! I will follow up.

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