Short notice camp out

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Hot Damn
Dec 20, 2004
Brandon, MS
Any interest in a guys night out at my deer camp this weekend? I was thinking Sat/Sat night at the camp. Bring guns, Cruisers, 4 wheelers and beer. We'll do burgers that night and lift a few brewskis around the fire that night. The "lodge" (I use that term loosely) will sleep 5 so tents will be needed if we have more than that. There is no electricity so we will be roughing it. Choctaw might let us fish in his pond that is a few miles away. The camp is right outside Forest and easy to get to. Post up if you are interseted. We are still going to do something out at Nolens next month. We'll talk about that at the next meeting.:beer:

I'm out, doing Memphis this weekend.
Yall have fun.
I'm out, doing Memphis this weekend.
Yall have fun.

Doing Memphis.. The long awaited sequel to Debbie does Dallas.
i'm probably out this weekend.
Not lookin good for me either.
We'll do it later. When we've got some work to do down there and need help.


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