Shipping a vehicle across the or closed?

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Oct 20, 2017
Lake Oswego, Oregon
I'd like to get your opinions on shipping a rig across the country. My rig will be coming from FL to OR and I've got quotes for both open and closed shipping. Open is $1400. Closed is $2300. Is it worth the extra $900 for closed? What have you guys done when shipping? Risk the potential road debris or shell out the extra coin and forget about it?

I was going to use open shipping but then started to doubt my decision. But dang, that's close to a cool G for that extra peace of mind.

TIA for your opinions.
I've been trying to make the same decision. It all depends on whether or not it's "worth it" to you.....The piece of mind, that is..... I still haven't decided.
IMO, nope. You're not transporting a classic/collector vehicle. I've shipped several cars and never had any issues. And if you're lucky, i had a car shipped "open" and ended up in a closed truck since that's what's available -- and them truckers need to get filled. It was an old E30, which was leaking a bit of oil -- so it was marking the other pristine cars in the container.
Yep, my cruiser is on its way Open transport. $1400 from Delray Beach to PDX. Couldn't justify the added expense for Closed- as mentioned earlier, it's not a "classic" car in the truest sense. If I was transporting a '58 Vette, that's a different story. Thanks for the opinions fellas!
The Dirtiest, most disgusting truck I've ever seen was the hj61 a friend of ours open shipped from Houston to Denver. It went through a winter storm, and was so disgusting it was amazing.
Ride Fly, If you don' mind me asking, which carrier are you using. I'm contemplating basically the same route: Sarasota to Washington.
That price sounds pretty reasonable.
Ride Fly, If you don' mind me asking, which carrier are you using. I'm contemplating basically the same route: Sarasota to Washington.
That price sounds pretty reasonable.

Hey badlaner, I used a shipping broker named Yeugene Kornilov of Action Time Logistics out of FL. His cell is 5615683112. He’s associated with United Freight.

Another broker I was going to use is Kathy of Certified Auto Shippers in OR. I no longer have her number, unfortunately but you can probably find it online.

Kind of a long story, but there was a mix up with shipping my 40 that caused some confusion and consternation. When I first called Yeugene, I just wanted to get a quote. He took down the basic information and he told me would get back to me with a quote. His shipper called the next day with a $2300 quote for closed shipping. I then got a quote from Kathy for $1400 open, and $1800 closed. Obviously, I opted for Kathy, and so I basically had a verbal agreement that she would ship my 40 and that the shipper would pick it up on a Monday (this was on the preceding Tuesday). On the Saturday morning prior to the Monday of pick up, I get a call from the seller of the 40 telling me that my truck was picked up and on its way. I was surprised so I called Kathy and left a message. She called back on Monday morning and told me it wasn’t her guys that picked up my 40. After a few phone calls to the seller and Yeugene, I found out that Yeguene’s shippers had picked up rig. It turned out that the seller had had a conversation on my behalf with Yeugene about the cost and Yeugene agreed to match the open cost. Somehow, Yeugene had the understanding that he got the go-ahead to move forward based on the conversation mentioned. It all turned out fine, but it did cause me undue stress for a few days, not being sure what was going on and who had my rig.
Thanks for that valuable info. It may save me a ton of legwork. Plus its comforting that you have already used them successfully.
My big question for them, though, would be: is my overall height with a RTT going to be an issue. I would think it would limit placement on a normal open car carrier trailer. We'll see how it plays out. It sure would be a luxury to not have to drive all the way across the country, not to mention the added savings of the wear and tear on the truck.
Totally depends on preference and value. If you're worried about possible damage with an open carrier (more possibility over longer distance) then it might be worth it. I doubt there'd be any damage by using an open carrier, but keep in mind that it's going to be on the highway for thousands of miles for hours a day. Doesn't happen often I don't think, but there could be minor damage from rocks or other stuff on the road. This blog post from a shipper explains the main differences and why you might prefer one over the other.
I just did this 2 weeks ago, I went with a enclosed hauler because the price was only about $200 difference, $1300 for an open hauler from Santa Barbara, CA to Denver, CO vs. $1500 for an enclosed hauler. I highly recommend Angels moving Autos, I finalized the purchase on a Friday, Angels picked up on Sat. and it was in Denver by dusk on Monday. Found out about them by researching and many people on the Porsche forums had recommended them.
Angels Moving Autos

The best of both worlds right, an LX and a Jag Wagon ? The wife is main driver of the LX and the Jag will be my DD, incredibly practical and fun. Got an amazing deal on the Jag, no one bought the SportBrake (Wagon) , still many new 2018's out there.



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