Shipping a fj40

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Jan 27, 2005
Anyone have a good shipper as well as an estimated price on shipping a fj40 from washington state to Atlanta, Ga. Or is anyone willing to do the transport?
there is a place in Pacific Wa. (direct shippers) that I have used twice for shipping back and forth Wa-Ca...Ca-Wa they are very reasonable...downright cheep compaired to others I looked at...and very nice guys...but cant for the life of me remember thier name. send me a P.M. and I will dig it up and get back to you

shipping cost and shipping company

pm'd ya.
Anyone else have any information for me. A very nice cruiser depends on the shipping and it needs to come to the east coast. Tired of all you west coast guys getting rust free bone stock cruisers.
If it runs and is dependable, why not fly out and drive it back? I did from Denver to Toledo in 2003, and Boise to Toledo in 2004. Both trips turned out to be great adventures since the soon-to-be ex wasn't along for the ride. Its a great way to get to know your Cruiser...........
My Cruiser came out of Ore, around the Portland area, cost was around $1100 as I recall. When I was asking around for a shipper most ( here and on Pirate ) recomended Kiwi Carriers, so after calling around and not seeing a whole lot of difference in pricing, thats who I used. Ore to here in Mo was 3 days, I'm happy with the service I recieved. I wasn't able to go pick it up and drive home, and its probly a good thing, as I seem to have had the Previous Owner from hell, Hope this helps, Al
Shipping to Atlanta

Hello, I have shipped several FJ40's from California to Atlanta. The last one was $650.00 terminal to terminal. Door to door is extra. I'm sure with the gas price increase the price has gone up. The company is Depdable Auto Shippers. They have a web site that will give an online quote. However when you enter the vehicle enter it as a Jeep. If you enter as a Land Cruiser it will assume you are shipping an FJ80. Hope that helps.....

Got mine shipped from Wisconsin to the gulf coast of Tx, around the Galveston area. It cost me right at 800.00 some months back when the cost of gas skyrocketed up. The name of the Company was Magic Carpet Auto Transport. I found them on the web and they were much cheaper than the others. It took a couple of weeks for them to find a carrier to get it here, but they delivered from door to door and it was strapped down good and transported well. Hope this helps, RG
I might be in this late but I shipped a 69 40 from Oregon to Maryland. It cost about 700. the company was the one ebay uses. I made a couple of calls and they were the cheapest, did it the fastest and had convienent pick and drop off locations. Therefore it did not cost extra.

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