Shipped bad rotors?

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Oct 13, 2010
Well about a month ago I changed the front brakes on my 80, and it's still shaking pretty bad when I stop. It did it right after we changed them too. What are the chances that I was shipped warped rotors from sitting on a shelf or something?

I still haven't changed my rears (ordering from CDan right now), which were probably in worse shape than the fronts, but it feels like it's coming from the front still.

I did set up the new brakes, 40 to stop, 60 to stop, a couple times each, and easy braking afterwards.

That's the only thing I can think of, unless my problem child spindle is the issue (doubtful because we didn't have an issue with the adjusting nuts once we made new threads).

I've pulled abs sensors, and cleaned them. Pulled the fuse, still does it, and still does it in 4lo so I've pretty much ruled out ABS being the cause.
with abs off can you feel a pulse in the pedal ? is it shaking only on stopping or is it shaking at slow speeds coasting? Out of balance tires can make a big difference.. WE had a shake in jenn's truck for a year before i finally just got new tires. I tried EVERYTHING..
if your alignment is good, tires are balanced etc then you should be good. You can put a magnetic dial indicator on it and turn by hand to see if it's a rotor.. it can also be loose wheel bearings, loose tie rods, loose pitman arm sector shaft.

pull abs and if it pulses the pedal we'll help diagnose further.
if no shake or anything while not engaging brakes then it's something in the brake/wheelbearing assembly. you can also grab your pitman arm and see if it has any play in it.
It is perfectly fine cruising at any speed until I hit the brakes. It's not minor by any means either, its causing even the dash to shake. When rolling in traffic and barely pressing the brakes you can feel something isn't true.
steering wheel shaking or just truck?
did you properly torque the lugnuts or hit them with an impact? that sometimes will cause an issue.
Just the truck, not the steering wheel. Used a 4 way to tighten lug nuts. And it does the same thing with and disconnected or in 4lo.
i'm gonna go with rears as the diagnosis.. .. front issues you almost always feel it in the steering wheel.. i've got new rotors and pads sitting in the garage for the matrix because i feel it when stopping in the steering wheel and only when stopping. you might have a frozen caliper.. the highlander has gone thru both sides rear calipers. they froze on the side without the wear sensor so once they hit metal it was too late to save.. toyota has a floating pin rear caliper design if the pin gets frozen it will only push on one side causing issues. Get the rear brakes done since they need it and or look at them and see if one side pad is gone and the other is still there.

Or if you don't have a dial indicator you can try a pencil and hold it steady and spin the rotor. if it marks the rotor in spots and not a circle they're warped.

FWIW, i had to cut both rear calipers off the truck to change them. if and or when you get to that point we can guide you further. with the amount of miles and the environment that it came from my guess is rear caliper or rear rotors are done. at 200k i'd change them on principal.
also when was the last time you had your tires balanced? that causes a huge issue as well.. one of the reasons i had to get new tires on the highlander is the tread wasn't true.. and Jenn had been sold 4 different tires.. but we'll not go there.. I HATE when shops take advantage of women and sell them CRAP they have to fix later. her tire did not roll straight which took me a while to diagnose..
we gotta get Jobe to take a typing class, he'd be a great asset when it comes to this type of stuff!
I'll probably get a call to smack talk after this post. :)
the rest of us are only shadetree's

quick question.. Why'd you go thru cdan when molle toyota will give you the same discount and they're local?
sorry thought you were in kc.. Molle toyota is a local dealer here in KC...

check the rear brakes yet or waiting on parts?

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