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Apr 10, 2008
Hey everyone!

Per Ed's suggestion, a brief introduction and a bit about my FJ.

I've been a cruiserhead since I got my first FJ at the age of 16, a 40 that looked sweet from about 20 feet away. It had been "restored" with generous amounts of Bondo and little mechanical attention, but was terrific fun. Eventually the rust came back (I know, imagine that!) and the mechanical problems just got worse and worse until we finally took it off the road to "fix everything at once." We figured this would take about a month or so.

That was about eight years ago... :)

At this point the rust is pretty thoroughly fixed (with metal, this time), the frame has been sandblasted and painted (thanks Ed for helping me lift the tub off of it!), the strange front springs replaced with proper FJ ones, all 24 spring bushings replaced, new shocks all the way around, new brake lines all the way around... fresh V8 mounted to a newer 3 speed (after I accidentally killed the old one taking it apart -- DOH!) and new seals throughout. Finally fixed the trans/TC gasket. Engine, trans, and TC mounted into the chassis, body tub back on the chassis.

At this point I'm waiting for better weather so I can paint the top part of the body tub... did the bottom part last year. After that the wiring harness goes back in and we try to get this bad boy running!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm going to try and make the April 15th gathering, so I'll probably see a bunch of you there. Cheers!
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That was about eight years ago... :)

I'm all too familiar with that plan: "Do it all at once" :doh: SEVEN years too familiar!

I :steer: my cruiser to work today. ...first time since '01... i'm hoping to get it inspected tonight for the first time too! :bounce2: Keepin the fingers crossed.

Post up some pix! Show what it looks like... now & along the way.

Oh... and welcome! :flipoff2: (official 'MUD greeting). See ya tomorrow.
Oh wow, where do I even start with the pictures?

7 rolls of 35mm prints from taking the truck apart, and now countless digital pictures since then. Unfortunately my pictures are too big for the forum's image uploader, so I'm going to have to wait until I have enough time to set up some alternative image hosting for it.

BTW CONGRATS on getting your 40 on the road! Awesome accomplishment dude. :clap:

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