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Jul 16, 2016
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No, to be more serious, Asia can be dangerous to. The whole incident I described happened in India too. It was just the local nutcase who was climbing up the ladder. Then I told him to get down, and he listened. But didn't feel comfortable, so we just drove away. But that was some guy who was a bit crazy, not 100% okay. So that makes it unpredictable.

However, travelling in countries like Colombia must be different, because of high crime rates.

Most countries in Asia have a very low crime rate. But countries like Pakistan, your travelling great parts by using police escort..
That is not because of crime, but you can be a target to be taken hostage by some group, trying to get something done from there government. For example, Baluchistan guys who want to be independent.

Anyway, I like your tips. We always parked in such a way that we could just drive off immediatly without U-turn. Those kind of basic things. And the old BJ45 landcruiser is well suited to push some guys away, because of the steel bumpers.

Disregarding/diminishing your threshold of "Danger" will be improper, but let me tell you just be glad your is the way it is..

I was trained for "Worst case scenario" by some very serious instructors/life experiences, kind of a shame I was not a car driver, since the techniques you learn where very useful for all kind f driving, my motorcycle skills got enhance to a level ( did not think it was even possible (You are forced to do and learn things that your mind can not comprehend, but the bike is capable of doing in on her own)

Maybe I'm a little paranoid (Actually not anymore) (I never fire my MP in the field, I refuse, I always, run, then again I was usually by myself, with friends will be a different story) but if you are planning a RTW I will highly recommend to learn/study/read about threat detections/tactics/de-escalating/negociacion/defensive driving, etc, the last thing you need is Violence, in most countries/situations that will be the last thing you ever do, for example is a massive difference in between a kidnap/robbery/assassination and if you learn to detect them before hand usually they can be avoided, at least with robbery, you can usually walk back to your office, make more money and replace everything, stupid what people will do just to protect a material possession that can be replace with just money..

But things like parking at a high point, or at an open area... usually in Asia it is safe enough so you don't have to do those kind of things. And secondly, those places suck :D of course safety is most important, but usually those kind of places are very windy and cold. Also, in the upper half of India, such a place would mean everybody can see you are there. Because it is just very hard to be on an open place like that and not have people moving around.

A vehicle is a "Airfoil" like anything else, even with parked, yes is a horrible profile, specially if is tall and is a lot of space under the wheels, just go and read about tall bridges and the effect of the wind on them (I cross the bay bridge a million times on my motorcycles and I take the heaviest of rain, instead of a good strong wind, specially with semi's next to you...

In any case, a parked car in a open field (top of a mountain is Silly, that is the main reason we handglide from the top of a mountains, not because is tall, but because the winds goes up the face of the mountain) is probably going to be affected by wind, just remember that wind is "Lasy" and is always going to take the path of less resistance and at the moment it hits you vehicle is going to go under, around or on top of it, but not on top of the tent by across the fabric like it was not even there (One of the main reasons I wonder about this type of sleeping arrangements) colder air, turbulence, noises of all kinds, vortex, vacuums > not pleasant, even the trash and the dirt are going to act funny around such a massive object (read about arquitectonic mistakes/current design and changes on the urbanist environment do to high wind vortex and trash/dirt/low pressure "Drop zones" some very serious business...

Plus in theory you are supposed to cook under, oh man I don't know about that one..
Nov 8, 2015
I don't know what you mean by RTW and MP.
On our 1 year roadtrip through Asia we just brought pepperspray, which we kept in our tent. We were not seeking any violence at all, that is indeed not a good idea. But if necessary, you could use the pepperspray to get somebody of your back and get away.
But it is also a risk, not being a trained person it is quite easy to use it in the wrong way, when you are in a hurry in the night.

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