Selling used tires?

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Nov 15, 2007
Los Angeles
I'm looking at upgrading to 285's per several of your recommendations, what should I do with my 275 Revo's? They have a lot of tread left, but I dont know what the best thing to do with them is. What is a reasonable amount to ask? Or maybe I should keep them in storage for sometime down the line (not sure what for though)?

fwiw I'm looking at 285/75/16 BFG a/t KO's
Are you set on this size? What lift do you plan on doing? Just asking because my next tire size will be 35s. I shouldve threw my conservative side to the wind 3 years ago and bought 35s even without the lift. ;p

I run the 285s BFG AT KO and I love the thread life (30K+ and they have plenty of life left). They look smallish compared to the other brands 285s (not true 33'") - one Mudder thought they were 275s with the first look. But then again the 80s wheel well are freeking huge!
Post them on craigslist and here. $150? I dont know how much they cost new. Someone would most likely snatch them up. Someone bought my stock michelin tires that came on the rig.

I agree. Because of dry rot I can't see any benefit to keeping spare tires around, unless you're planning to run street tires for DD and have an extra set of wheels & tires for dedicated trail use.

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