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Dec 7, 2017
Question about the interchangeability of Selectro hub parts

I picked up a 1/76 disk front axle with Selectro “Heavy Duty” locking hubs I am tearing down for a knuckle rebuild & wheel bearings, when I removed the hub cap it appears part of the base broke off inside the cap.

See pics. As you see, it looks like these were hit or somehow abused when they were installed who knows when, as there appears to be damage along the O-ring groove as well. With that said, the hubs locked and unlocked with no problems before being dissembled, and the cap came right off with no problems or any resistance.

I have a set of Selectro hubs on the front of my 1/70 drum axle, although they do not state to be “Heavy Duty” but overall look similar.

Does anyone know if I can dissemble and use the base off of the old corse spline drum axle with the HD/fine spline internal parts and cap? Will I run into issues with length as the disk axle has the long birifleds. Or should I just cut my loss and install a set of Warn hubs?

Thank you for your help!




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