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Jun 19, 2018
Seattle, Wa USA
I'm trying to "clean house" as it were and I keep finding boxes of stuff full of things I don't think I will use.

Item the first; York OBA stuff Wit's-end YRK-1 kit This is the custom York compressor bracket, the nice custom 3-groove pulley, an oem tensioner, an oem belt, and some hardware. If I am misremembering, it is a complete un-used kit. $400 plus shipping.

2nd; 80 series factory spare tire winch/keeper assembly. There is a bit of rust on the inner most wheel, but a good coat of your preferred lube should mitigate that just fine. I have the 4 bolts that secure it to the spare tire cross member as well. $30 includes shipping

3rd; Oem 3rd row seat brackets. Brackets are in decent shape. I will include the mounting bolts as well, but some of the bolts are a bit rusty (I have sliding window issues). $20 includes shipping

4th The factory head unit (cd,fm/am,cassette) Part # 86120-33100 I never did a full test of this as all but one of my speakers was shot. FM/AM worked for sure. The mount brackets are not included as they are holding in my new head unit. I have no idea what is fair for this, make an offer. It will likely cost at least $10 to ship. $30 including shipping?

5th Pair of OEM tie down loops. "recovery points" $25 includes shipping

6th with a caveat: York 210 compressor. Used, as yet untested. Purchased from another 'Mud member a while back. It has a 7" clutch with it which renders the OEM belt in the Wits-end kit useless. I'm willing to sell as it sits for $100 which includes shipping. If you want to wait for me to get a 6" clutch for it, it will go up to $140. Bare compressor with no clutch, $80

7th 1 Land Rover Disco II cup holder. Tan/black color. Good used shape. I didn't snap a picture of it $20 includes shipping.

I prefer Paypal. We're adults here, you can decide if you want to do the friends and family thing or not, and accept the risks that come along with your choice.






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