seat covers

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Feb 11, 2005
morristown nj
my front and rear seats in my 60 are is good shape firmness-wise, but lack the cleanliness i would like.
i dont want to re-upholster them, seems too expensive.
has anyone used SOR's Tuff-Duck covers?
any complaints?
just topped 215K
I am on my second set of front seat covers from SOR. I got a stain on the first set that wouldn't wash out, so I got a second set. Maybe my first set was not "new improved tuff duck", because the material was thinner and/or didn't appear to be coated like my new set. In general they fitl and wear well. My only complaint is that my new covers don't seem to breath as well as the old ones--the seats get a liittle hot and damp. Overall it's good quality for the price.

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