Seat Cooling Options

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Turd Herder
Apr 24, 2010
Eagleville, TN
Has anybody ever used anything like this?

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The site is not link friendly, but you can navigate over to the seat cooling options section.

Having some AC trouble lately in the 100 degree 90% humidity has me thinking about trying to get some air moving around my back. I have cloth seats and even when the AC was working I hated getting to a meeting in a dress shirt and having a sweaty back.

I am thinking about picking up some new foams and having the seats reworked and so I was thinking about adding something like this to help move some air around. The kit is kind of spendy but if I am going to be sitting in it for any length of time it would pay for itself.

I searched around and found a little info over in the 40 section, but only one guy had actually used something similar. Any input is welcome.


Sheepskins are surprisingly temp friendly both winter and summer. Those clever Scandanavians, eh?
current lexus vehicles with perforated leather seats usually have seat cooling fans. They draw ambient air in from underneath the seat and blow it thru channels in the foam and out thru the little holes in the leather.

helps keep you from sticking to the seats when it's hot.
Here is the PDF from the site the OP linked to:


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