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Feb 8, 2007
Northeast Georgia (Habersham)
I know there are threads on SOA, but when I type SOA to search the 60 section it says "no threads found"
It looks like searches of 3 characters are too short (not being executed) but we're not getting the 'your search is too short' message.

Trying spring over or something.
changed to fulltext searching in the forum to help alleviate server loads, and there has been an issue ever since with real short search terms....try more words....

still looking into why, but no luck yet....
You applied that fix? Are you sure mysql loads the modified variable correctly? You ssh'd in and double checked, right :confused: :flipoff2:

Seems like the logical source of the problem and fix, IMO.
never said I applied it, just that I had the's on Ryan's list....
I did a seach for AHC problems in the 100 section and got no results. I shortened it to AHC and two threads popped up. I'm guessing it's only finding hits after the update has been made? Can we search the older posts?
I may need to run a script to back-fix the issue, checking into that now....

3 letter searches are back ON tho....

3-letter searches are working fine....did a search for ARB and for SOA and got a plethora of results....

you will NOT get 2-letter don't ask

....waiting for smart-@$$ reply.....
there isn't....unless you try using the * as a wildcard
you will NOT get 2-letter don't ask

Is there any trick for two letter searches that can be used?

there isn't....unless you try using the * as a wildcard

FYI, I wasn't trying to be a smartass, but I realize it may have come across that way. I tried the asterick thing, and had not luck. It's a bummer no one will be able to search stuff "CB install" to find out what people have done on various rigs:meh:, but I'll live!
Thanks anyways Woody!
Feel free to try google searching IH8MUD:

Mudsearch (alternatively just add "" before whatever you want to search on
interestingly, the SEARCH page has the option to Google-search the forum for just such needs ;)

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