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Jun 8, 2007
1st, the search verification thingy; the validation letters wouldnt appear so I couldnt search.

Now, I get no result when searching "OME". That can't be right :bang:
Working fine for me...

I do not get a verification box...I do not know why you would if you are logged in.
correct, if you are logged in then there is no verification box....

if you are not, then your security settings are too tight and you may need to 'allow' to your approved list

tight security = less spammers and less chance of hacking
I haven't changed any security setting in quite a while. Tuesday the verification image was showing and today it won't display.

Is there something in the user control panel that I need to look at?

new software = tighter security to keep out the either need to lighten yours or add to your approved list

captcha images aren't required when you are logged in anyways....

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