Scottish Sniper Install

Jun 30, 2022
I thought I would given an update on my Holley sniper 2300 2BBL.

My project 1976 FJ45 was running like a bag of spanners. After sorting the Ignition, timing, valve stem seals, and tidying the wiring, she ran better, but it was far from acceptable. I realised that the fuelling was an issue and discovered the Carb was a cheap knock off. I decided to take the plunge and go for the Holley Sniper.

This is a nice piece of kit, but, unfortunately not readily available in the UK. After a convoluted shipping process, I managed to get this delivered to Edinburgh Scotland.

I sourced all the various bits and bobs I needed, and then finally managed to get down to actually doing the installation. This was very easy to do. I was completely familiar with my wiring but there were a few issues on the way to getting a well-behaved machine

The first issue I encountered was the Downey adapter. I’m not sure if this was a one off, but, the threads were terrible on 2 of the 4 stud holes of the casting. The studs were not holding in a satisfactory manner. I took the decision to drill all 4 of these out, and nut and bolt.

Up on start up I was having a huge amount of issues. Running very rough, back firing through the throttle body. After a bit of investigation I discovered a fuel leak. I thought this was from the flange of the Downey adapter. After pulling the unit and not finding anything wrong with the flange I had to dig a bit deeper. I discovered the drip, which was now a flow, was coming from the injector housing.

I pulled the return line to make sure there was no blockage and the leak was not coming from an over pressure situation. I discovered there was no fuel returning.

I checked the fuel regulator and whilst there was a little debris in the mesh I wasn’t convinced it was blocked. I removed the internal regulator and replaced with an adjustable external one. I was getting fuel flow and a solid 60psi on the regular pressure gauge but this did not resolve my leak.

I had no alternative but to pull the injector housing off and remove the injectors. This is where I found the culprit. Both bottom o-rings on each injector were damaged. It looked like they had been poked in with a screwdriver and they had been damaged badly.

I phoned Holley Tech support on Saturday morning (my afternoon) only to be told that I had invalidated the warranty by pulling the injectors. I’m not sure this was true, but in the interest of time, I just wanted to order o-rings – I was told these were not available – Yet I could see them on-line. The agent could not confirm if these were the right ones or not. It was not a great experience and I can’t say I was impressed with the service. Maybe I called on a bad day.

I eventually found another company who were Holley sniper agents and they identified the o-rings, which I ordered.

Whilst I wait for these Viton ones to arrive, I used a couple of Nitrile ones I had in an assorted kit in my garage. I am pleased to say, it is working and there are no leaks. The idle is rock steady and it is revving perfectly.

Thought this may help a few other installer



Aug 11, 2006
Parker County, Texas
Thanks, good write-up. I hope to put one on mine some day.

My wife is from Lanarkshire.

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