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Oct 5, 2009
Installing my Scion Radio in my 95. Got my radio out but there was only one plug (white one) being used in my LC Factory radio. There are two other plugs behind there. Both gray, and I do have the anti-thief radio. I'm guessing I will use the white plug on one of the grey ones. There is a grey one taped back. Is that the one to use?
Not sure, the White plug controls the deck, speakers and amp stock style. The 2 grey ones are for after market setups.
I got it. Tunes out (and I've read before) the one used with the security radio is not needed for Scion Radios. I used the two grey plugs and it's working well. I don't have very good FM service though.
x2 on the pics
I have two Scion headunits that are available to first come first serve. Of course I cant remember the model numbers-- both are working, one for sure has the aux for ipod (cause i used it that way); the other I am not sure about (bought but never installed). $25 each-- includes shipping. I dont need em, just want someone here to get some use from them. Mud's a great forum and I just want to give back a bit when I can.

Pics later.
Installed Pictures

Works well but could be louder.

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