Saw this nice 200 today.

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May 5, 2016
I liked the look of the ARB bumper!

What's the deal with those mud flaps?
Those are rock guards that are designed to protect the trailer you are towing.
Anybody here handy with the ole photoshopper that can remove those flaps and roof rack?
I looked closer at those mud flaps. They appear to be a part of the hitch stem. Like Scooby said; they must be to protect the trailer.

yes correct. easy to clip off when not towing, but one must make allowances for the pan handle lads.
They are usually used to protect motorcycles on open trailers. You are correct on being part of the trailer hitch system, it just slides off.
I think these are actually called "Rock Tamers". I made a set that I use when towing my fifth wheel camper with my Dodge Cummins powered truck. you want them adjusted to be just a but above the ground when towing. They work well enough but they are the first things to come off after I've unhitched!

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