S/C Refurb Recommendations

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Sep 20, 2003
It has begun...the "S/C Rebuild and HG Replacement Project". The 97 with 158,000 is in the garage with the S/C on the bench. The S/C has been in the rig for 115,000 miles. Looks like Magnuson is the rebuilder of choice. I did call them about 6 months ago and they indicated the cost would be around $750.00 with a 2-3 week turnaround. I plan to call again today to confirm the price and turnaround.

I read that PSE Superchargers, out of Oklahoma, is also a good rebuilder. They indicated a complete bearing and seal replacement and cleaning would be $650.00 with a 2 day turnaround and a 1 year warranty.

Any other experiences or recommendations?

Magnuson charges $800 bucks for a full rebuild...yikes. I'm starting to think that a full rebuilt is not necessary at this point. Even after 115,000 miles, there is no noise or looseness at all and I'm still pushinig 8psi of boost. I'm only going to change the fluid at this point. Does anyone think I'm on crack?

Now the fun part is going to start tonight...removing the head!


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