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May 8, 2008

IDAHO - Legislation Update - S 1001 UP FOR SENATE VOTE TODAY AM!!

Dear BRC Alert Subscriber,

Just a quick reminder on S 1001--If you have already sent a message to your Senator, thank you, if you haven't, today is the deadline! Please do it now. (See Thursdays Alert below)

Thanks you to everyone who was involved,
Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107



Dear BRC Alert Subscriber,

We just received this update on S 1001 from Sandra Mitchell with the Idaho Recreation Council (IRC). Please take a minute to read it over, take action and then pass it along to friends and family.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact BRC.

Thanks you to everyone who was involved,
Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107

For those of you are following this legislation, you know it has been a most interesting ride. The bill was introduced by the fine Senator from Canyon County, Senator John McGee but it was stalled for a legitimate reason. The bill was appropriately amended. The bill is now on the move again this time with a letter from the Governor supporting it.

If this bill is to pass, it is up to you. I need your help to get it through the senate, then the house transportation committee and then the full house. But let's take one body at a time.

First the Senate:

Would you please contact your Senator and every senator you know and ask them to support S 1001. Your message doesn't have to be long, you can simply say, "Please support S 1001a. I sincerely believe that passage of this legislation will greatly reduce the Forest Service issues and concerns and better allow us to fight to keep public access available to Idaho residents and visitors to our state as well." Please give them your name and address. If you represent a club in the area, send a message for the club and tell them a little about your group. Whatever you say, be polite and respectful. This is an amazing group that is working hard for us and taking stands that requires great courage.

I have attached the letter that is going to every Senator on the issue.

This needs to be done by the middle of next week but if you are anything like me, it is best to do it immediately.

I have attached the names and email addresses of all senators: (I have not included the senators that are on the Transportation Committee because they have already been worked)

jbroadsword@senate.idaho.gov District 2 Joyce Broadsword
sjvick@senate.idaho.gov District 3 Steve Vick
jgoedde@senate.idaho.gov District 4 John Goedde
Dschmidt@senate.idaho.gov District 6 Dan Schmidt
Jstegner@senate.idaho.gov District 7 Joe Stegner
snuxoll@senate.idaho.gov District 8 Sheryl Nuxoll
mpearce@senate.idaho.gov District 9 Monty Pearce
msmyser@senate.idaho.gov District 11 Melinda Smyser
cmckenzie@senate.idaho.gov District 12 Curt McKenzie
Palodge@senate.idaho.gov District 13 Pattie Ann Lodge
Jandreason@senate.idaho.gov District 15 John Andreason
lbock@senate.idaho.gov District 16 Les Bock
Mitchtoryanski@senate.idaho.gov District 18 Mitch Toryanski
Nlefavour@senate.idaho.gov District 19 Nicole LeFavour
Smckague@senate.idaho.gov District 20 Shirley McKague
rfulcher@senate.idaho.gov District 21 Russell Fulcher
lheider@senate.idaho.gov District 24 Lee Heider
Mstennett@senate.idaho.gov District 25 Michelle Stennett
dcameron@senate.idaho.gov District 26 Dean Cameron
ddarrrington@senate.idaho.gov District 27 Denton Darrington
Sbair@senate.idaho.gov District 28 Steve Bair
emalepeai@seante.idaho.gov District 30 Edgar Malepeai
dmortimer@senate.idaho.gov District 32 Dean Mortimer
bmdavid@senate.idaho.gov District 33 Bart Davis
bhill@senate.idaho.gov District 34 Brent Hill
Jsiddoway@senate.idaho.gov District 35 Jeff Siddoway

Thank you!

P.S. I will send you a copy of the amended bill as soon as I get it. The amendments were technical in nature and didn't change the intent of the bill.

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