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Jan 24, 2017
Looking to buy a nice low mileage FZJ80 that has spent all its life in Portland and coastal Washington. Never been up that way so was curious what kind of rust issues trucks typically have up there. Obviously I’ve asked the seller for undercarriage photos but it being a holiday weekend I can understand why they’re not jumping at my request. I know this is a broad question but any insight as to what level of rust FZJ80s in that region typically experience is much appreciated...I’m guessing it’s not desert Southwest rust free (and cracked leather) but are we talking southern FZJ80 mild frame & muffler rust or coastal salt spray rust like some east coast cars?

Saw a post from 9 years ago about this but didn’t know if as these trucks get older if the general ‘rust free’ consensus holds true, especially given that this did spent 10+ years in a small coastal town.
I bought an 05 gx that spent it's life in Bellevue WA and Portland, not an ounce of rust anywhere. Had it mudshipped to NM for around 1k.
It's only ten years old vs. 20 but I would think it would have formed something if it was an issue.
Mine was a 1 owner truck that lived in Gig Harbor, WA. Basically no rust when I got it. Roads don't get salted around here, so unless they launched boats in saltwater or took it driving on the beach it should be fine.
Live in the area, minimal to no salt around most major cities. Could be different in the coastal or mountainous areas. But from the few I've checked out, rust hasn't really been an issue around here.
Rust is a non-issue.

We DO salt the roads but really you see salt maybe 1x-2x a year, and many years we skip entirely.

Upside with our rain, it gets washed off fairly fast too (just drive I-5 in rain for 1/2 hr, done deal).

You may want to see/check the floorpan for signs of plugged sunroof drains & water in the pan/doors/rear quarters - with our rain you can fill a panel with water in no time & pollen here & fine dirt makes an effective drain plug.

Rain again is the bigger culperate with rusted cowls if a windshield or tailgate glass was removed/improper install. So that is worth keeping in mind.

The biggest upside is with our temperate climate, dashboards here aren't UV cracked - if it's a documented lifelong WA rig I can promise that.

I don't have any rust crazing on my under carriage, but I also keep it up. But I see 80's plenty with no rust issues, playing percentages more 80's here are rust free than salted/seasoned pigs ready for a BBQ.

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