Rust Repair and Paint

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Mar 9, 2010
Centennial, CO
Any thoughts on how to take of the glued on badging for rust repair and a new paint job. Any advice on paint, brands, qualities etc.
The best way to take of anything adhered to your truck through adhesives is via a heat gun. Be gentle with it and you should be able to pull anything off without causing any damage to the paint. Since, you are talking probably won't have to be too careful. In regards to paint there are a lot of options out there...depends upon the color you are going for and the finish you want. There are a lot of variables there.

- Mark
Just did mine today. Mines a collector's edition and I got a regular hatch and door so I had to peel the door trim and the "Land Cruiser" badge and emblem off of the hatch. I used a heat gun and a putty knife. The emblem came off pretty easily. Just watch out for the two tabs on the back so you don't break them. The "Land Cruiser" badge on the hatch doesn't have any tabs but you have to be careful not to scratch through the paint on the back of it because it will be visible from the front. If you have a collectors edition you'll want to peel the black side molding too. It has tabs on the back too. Again a heat gun and putty knife. The badging and trim all come off relatively easily... just work slowly giving the heat gun time to heat up each section and then push the putty knife through. The part that takes the most work is removing all of the double stick tape left behind. Goo Gone or Goof-Off will remove it from the painted surface but it can't be used on the plastic safely because it will soften/melt it. It can damage the paint too but since you are repainting that's not an issue. To remove the leftover adhesive from the badging I was thinking about buying one of these - 3Mâ„¢ Stripe Off Wheel 07498, 4 in x 5/8 in with Mandrel, 5 per case
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40th or Collectors? ;)
Park it in the sun to warm it up, use a regular hair dryer and use fishing line. You'll likely leave some sticky tape on the vehicle. Carefully peel it off and any residue can come off with Goo-Gone. I did my 4WD badge last summer and you'd never know it was there.
Fishing line sounds like a good idea for the badging without tabs but you won't be able to pull it past the tabs on the side molding. Just noticed yours is a 94 in your sig so I guess you wouldn't have a Collector or 40th:eek:
Thanks guys. Path of least resitance first I guess. Heat and fishing line. I am leaving them off... Never had them gold plated to begin with...

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