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May 29, 2018
In the sand
I’m going to discount tire now to test fit a new tire size that may potentially rub. They only have two of the tires and an effort to also save them time should I not purchase the tires, can I have them install two tires on the front axles and leave my similar, but smaller size in back and drive the car out of the bay and back in? Total distance maybe 15 yards.

285/70/17 in front
275/70/17 at rear

Curious about potential diff or driveline wear due to size discrepancy. I want to back out the car because that’s when I’m most able to tell about rubbing, as well as seeing the overall look.

I’m not particularly sure how sensitive these drive lines are, hence the potentially silly (or valid) question.
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No problemo.
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Mo powah!

Just so you know, I've done almost exactly what you're proposing when I re-geared. Swapped my front diff, and had to re-position the car to do the other end. The center diff will handle it fine.
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I suggest keeping your speed down to less than 100mph in those 15yds. I suspect the turbo can really light it up even over a few yards.

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