RTH: 3FE Water Pump Re-assembly

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Oct 16, 2007
Flagstaff, AZ
Somewhere between the removal of everything, and the cleaning of everything, I've mixed up my bolts.

I know that two of the studs shown are for the waterpump, the left most hole in the block, and the next one going counter-clockwise. However, I'm not sure where the 3rd stud goes(if to the WP at all) and then am lost on the 4th hole.

I know thw the two right most holes also capture the alternator bracket, so I'm thinking there is longer bolt in the mix that goes in on the holes, and then one gets a stud...but I dont know.

Please check the pics and try to give me a hand, I appreciate it greatly!

Thank you,


Bottom right get the bolt, other three get studs....can anyone confirm?
I'll be able to get to my truck and look later tonight if you still need the help.
I'll be getting back to putting everything together this evening; I would greatly appreciate the set of eyes looking at a properly assembled one.

THank you.
BTT for today's viewers...I'll be back to it this evening.
Yup, bottom right gets the bolt. It also holds the bracket for the alternator bracket. Oh, here you go:censor:

Got everything back together last night.

It wasnt a difficult job, per se, but intense to say the least.

I did have any left over parts, and will be checking for leaks over the next few days!
I thought the water pump was pretty easy too, in front, no bending over or sitting on top of the engine. Gasket easy to reach and scrap off.
Yeah, I've got an ARB front, and had to lean. I hit everything with a wire wheel to knock the crud off.

Not a single piece of cooling related parts was OEM Toyo on the thing...fixed that though!

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