Rough surface vibration thru steering wheel

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Apr 27, 2009
Portland, OR
Looking to tighten up my rig every way I can, and posing this issue to the more enlightened:

On roads--dirt, or paved but chunky--I feel a lot of shaking coming thru the steering wheel. High frequency feedback. Not like wheel out of balance, or play in the steering or wandering that might come from something really off up in the front axle (like bearings, or shocks--they are tight and all good), but more related to the frequency of bumps traveling up the steering column. Shaking is not present at all when road smooths out; no wandering, no play at any speed. Steering column itself has a small amt of play in it, up and down; not really in and out.

Question is, can the column be tightened? Or is this an indication of something else?

Here to learn. Thanks.
Steering dampener? I replaced my stock one with the OME, and can notice a nice difference.
Possible. Feels more like the entire wheel is vibrating tho: in/out, up/down, as opposed to shaking in a circular way.

Will check the dampener this wknd.
Tire pressure can also give this effect along with worn shocks, x2 on the steering damper though. Good idea to replace it while your under there and most likely the cause. Try slowing down a bit on the rough stuff...ha ha.

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