Rough Idle & Hesitation

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Mar 6, 2009
Atco, NJ
I just picked up my first FZJ80 (1994) and it runs a little rough at times. When cold at start it idles high (2000 rpm) settles after it warms up. It also idles rough at a stop. It also hesitates when the accelerator is pressed. I'm thinking TPS? I'm going to do plugs & wires ASAP along with an oil change. I'm wondering if it could be plugs & wires? Any input would be appreciated. THANKS!
Search using your problem descritions and you'll see these are two very common problems. Just as arnndog123 mentioned, you likely need the TB cleaned and the intake hose replaced.
All check good

TB cleaned and hose is free of cracks. Trouble still there. Put a Snap On Test Box on her and looks as though the 02 sensors are throwing codes. Mentioned heat sensor or something like that. When she is warm she runs good most of the time. I'm going to replace them and hopefully all will be fixed for now.

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