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Nov 3, 2009
so its been a few years since i built the trailer and i never really used it for a road trip so here it goes .
We decided to take off on adventure for my sons 21st birthday a trip to kinzua state park . He wanted to visit the bridge that had been blow over in a tornado . Well i finished the trailer 4/12 and now its 5/18 needless to say the tires dry rotted sitting in the yard . Anyway the trip is about 4 hours from home we were having a great time cruising along and then she died , Without ryme or reason missing spitting sputtering and then drifting off to the shoulder 2 hours from home WTF . She has never let me down ever ! A regular run is about 100 to 150 miles on any weekend just add gas . Well as soon as i checked spark with a old plug she fired up like it never happened . I closed the hood puzzled and we kept on cruisin . a few hours later it started the same symptoms and we pulled over again popped the hood it was cooking with the v8 so we broke out the cooler had lunch and let her cool down. The engine temp never got over 200 the entire trip . Once again it fired right up and then it hit me vapor lock i was originally thinking some type of ignition system problem . We eventually made it there and had a great time hiking camping and seeing the sites in the area .We went to see the Dam and spillway as well, beautiful area and our campsite was on the lake . Overall no problems other than the 5 unexpected vapor loc stops up and back . We cover 410 miles miles and rolled her over in the process . just a few pics of the ride ! hopefully we will be doing a few more trips this summer i will adding a roof rack to the trailer .





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