Rhino Rack size question

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Feb 21, 2019
Los Angeles
Hey Mudderz...

Im trying to figure out a roof rack solution for my recent 80 series purchase.

Not my first choice but I can pickup a Rhino Pioneer through a friend's J**p reasonable price. If I do Ill pick up some Gramiviti to pair the platform based on feedback from members.

Question is for those who are running the Rhino Pioneer does the platform width matter on the 80? 56in (shorter) or 54in (longer)? Does it matter? Rhino feedback is 56in (shorter in length) but I think that is based on their Rhino "feet". Gramviti is saying they are universal so run either. Why cant I spell Gramviti without spellchecking?

Any pictures would help me with your config. And if you have a rack your selling please PM me offline. Muchas gracias!

How cheep is reasonable?? I personally love the bowfin rack. The pioneer would have to be significantly cheaper to make the mix and match work out. Thats just me though
I hear you man. I dont have deep pockets for this "hobby" otherwise I would be all over Bowfin, Prinsu, or ARB. They dont come up much locally so need to get a solution.

$500 for the rack. Probably another $180 for the feet. At this point both platforms width are avail. Plus there are alot of firesale for accessories on Rhino for some reason.
I’ve had my Pioneer Platform for a while now, its been plenty solid. It’s the 84”x56” which is the width RR spec’s with their RL feet, which I have. Find out what width your buddy has for sale. I’d say you can run the RR RL feet on either width rack. I can check tomorrow.
Thanks thats a great look!! Looks like the platform hangs a bit over the 80 roofline. Rhino is they can match the 56 width and no on the 54inch using the prescribed Rhino RL110 feet. Gramviti feet are saying they are universal so they can rock the 54 or 56 width. Im gonna call them tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see if your feet can accommodate the 54inch. Thanks SD!

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