Repurpose the LX450 phone setup?

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Sep 7, 2008
After selling my frame-up rebuild '69 FJ40 several years ago to buy a house for the family, I'm now finally back into a Cruiser with a '97 LX450 I just bought from a fellow member.

It seems to have had the factory phone option, given it has the antenna, some control box hanging down from behind the dash in the passenger floorboard and the driver A pillar mic, although I don't have the steering wheel controls (or the phone). So even though those were analog phones that are no longer viable, is it possible to patch into the existing wiring to basically terminate into a 3.5mm plug that I could just connect to my phone? I'm assuming the old phone setup used the stereo speakers for phone audio, so those in combination with the A-pillar mic could be cool... almost the poor man's bluetooth.


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