Replacing sheet metal on the 55... just ran out of gas... Flux Core??

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Nov 21, 2006
I've been replacing sheetmetal on my new beater 55 with a little Lincoln Mig that I borrowed from a friend. It just ran out of gas (sunday of course). I still have an open hole in the roof that needs to be patched today (I live near the beach and this car is outside - it will be very wet tonight). I have a Bunch of flux core wire that I could use, but I have used it on other cars and it always wants to rust real quickly.
Is there anything I can do to minimize the rusting when using this stuff? This car is ugly with plenty of other rusty places, but the hole I need to finish patching is right over the driver (don't really care if the passengers get wet), and I don't want to cut my new patches out in a couple months when it looks the same as it did yesterday.
Any suggestions? Just clean up the weld really good and get some decent paint on it??

Didn't even know there was a paint and body section here. OOOPS! Oh well, as long as this is where it belongs. And I just ended up using the flux core...worked fine. I painted the inside of my patches before burning them in, and cleaned the outside up really well and got some cheap paint on it while it was still warm out. It's probably fine. I'll sand it and paint again when I finish a bunch of other stuff. I'll get the bottle refilled before starting any other areas.

I just remember filling a bunch of holes on my old scout with flux core wire a couple of years ago (previous owner shot tech screws all over the inside to hold up the sheet cork interior he installed) , and after all the paintwork was done, all the filled spots showed up after a couple of months...I live too close to the beach...wet every night, and too much salt in the air. Should have put the top back on. Oh well.
I gotta disagree, I have used flux core wire with great results. Have a can of splatter spray on hand, clean the work really well, spray everything down. Flux core does weld hotter, but if you are carefull it turns out fine.
I have done flux on body in the same situation.. and it sucked, hands down better with shielding gas.. You can get the bottle refilled for $70 or less usually.. Worth it IMO..
I completely agree, if there was a choice. But he said he just ran out of gas and was wondering if flux core was ok

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