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Dec 12, 2013
Milwaukee WI USA
I changed the oil and filter recently and when I was cleaning up found a loose green wire hanging next to the filter, which turned out to have been from the temp gauge sender. After pulling out the connector from the temp sender and looking it over to see if I could reconnect the wire, I found the connector was damaged, and also a chunk of plastic from the sender had come off with it. I think it was already damaged, or just really weak from age and heat, as I don't believe the fabric strap on my filter wrench is strong enough to break all that stuff, and didn't have any problems while taking off the filter.

Anyhow, the parts are easily available and not too costly, so here's my real question: how do you go about attaching the new connector to the old wire? Does it come with a pigtail attached that you splice into the harness, or can the terminal be removed from the connector to crimp onto the wire? The old damaged one didn't seem that simple to take apart but it may just not have been obvious to me. All the automotive wiring I've done has been prior to these watertight connectors, such as just putting a loop or spade fitting on the end of a wire.

Thanks for your help!

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