Replacement seats? Neon seats?

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Jan 16, 2006
Altoona, Pa
I had read about Neon seats working well in the FJ40 and decided to pickup a pair. I start to look at installing them tonight and it seems they are too high. This is a 1970 FJ40 and I had a set of brackets from a 76. I am capable of fabricating /welding but the main problem seems to be the height of the gas tank that will set the height of the seats. Does anyone have any experience with this or a suggestion on a lower profile seat from another vehicle? These were 97 Neon seats and they are suppose to be the same 95-99. Any suggestions or help appreciated.
The Neon seat is a bolt in for the 79 and later 40 series, after you bend one part of the seat mount area flat.....

Have not ever seen them in anything other than a 79 and later truck....

I installed these...and they were significantly lower than the molded baja seats that I had in there before....


Good luck!

Hi All:

I've heard that some models of the Toyota Celica have bucket seats that are straight bolt-ins for FJ40s.

One can also fab-up "custom" (maybe jury-rigged is a better term!) seat brackets for pretty much any seat.

Good luck!

Ethan said:
they sat higher but it was kinda nice with the added leg room


I used Saab 93 seats... mmmm leather!

They sit high, but the school bus steering wheel doesnt help either... got to love the leg room if your tall.

Rezarf <><
POSER, got any pics of your seats installed into your LC? I have very similar APC Bucket Seats and just wanted to see how they looked installed before I actually install them myself. (Just purchesed from Summit on the sale rack! Great condition!)
Try some PT cruiser seats- cheap on ebay

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