Replaced Shocks now I have brake problems

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Apr 4, 2006
Milford, Kansas
I recently replaced all 4 shocks on my 00 tacoma. The ones that were on the vehicle when I bought it were shot! So now I have a vibration / bump coming from the brake pedal while braking. Anyone have any ideas on what may cause this. It was not doing this before the shocks were replaced but now that the shocks have been replaced the front and rear of the vehicle seem to sitting higher. The new shocks are HD Bilstiens.
Sounds like warped rotors to me. I had the exact same symptoms on my 4Runner. I bought a set of Brembo standard rotors and Akebono pads from and it brakes smoothly now!
Yeah, sounds like warped rotors. But I'm not sure what the "bump" is. Did you do the suspension install? If so, check to make sure all the bolts are tight. If not, have the shop check it out.

I switched my rotors out at 100k miles. Brembo makes good blank rotors, but I chose Autozone Duralast. Big reason was their 2 year warranty. If it warps again, I take it back and get new rotors. Not sure if Brembo has it, but even if they did, I'd have to mess with shipping the item back and waiting it to come back, which means days of downtime for the truck. I've had the Duralast rotors on for a while and it's solid. I've also used them in my past race cars. Also used their Duralast ceramic pads, too.
The shocks wont effect the ride hight. Sometimes these types of things seem to coincide with eachother, but most of the time they are not related and it turns out to be just coincience. Replace or turn your rotors and you shoud be good.
funny...same thing just happened to me just feels like a warped i lookked at the rotor and found a raised "rust" spot on I had the front end up on jacks for 4 weeks without the wheel rain could have gotton on it...its just hard for me to believe that it could have raised a "rust" spot on it that fast....:crybaby:

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