Removed 2nd row

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Mar 29, 2009
Smyrna, GA
I removed the second row which was super easy. I decided to leave the third row folded up in case I have an additional passenger or two. Any ideas on how to make my rig more camp ready without spending much $$? I'd love to do something to make the floor even in the back.
I pull my 2nd row when camping, got rid of the 3rd row a long time ago. I got a piece of 1/2" plywood about 2ft x 4ft, my wife put a nice foam and fabric on it, I use that to level out the floor behind the driver seat (from front to back). Put a tool bag under it in the 2nd row footwell for support. Then I roll out out my camp pad on that and have a nice, comfy, level, dry place to sleep.
Can you guys post how you got your second row out?

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